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Past Wisconsin Idea STEM Fellows

Ceperley, Zachary

Graduate Researcher
Civil & Environmental Engineering

“UW Science Expeditions, Sat Sci, Family Gardneing Day”


Doctoral Candidate
Department of GeoScience

“STEAM Engineers at the Madison Children’s Museum x2, UW Sci Expeditions, Sci Fest 2015”

Drennan, Amanda

Post-Doctoral Trainee
Medicine/Hematology and Oncology

“UW Sci Exped., Family Sci Night , 2015 SCi Fest, Pathways Video”

Drier, Tracy
Master Scientific Glassblower

“Edgerton High School chemistry AP class of Abigail Houfe, UW Sci Exped., SCi Fest 2015, 2016 UW Science Expedition – Destination Exploration, 2016 UW Science Expedition – Exploratoin Station, Madison Maker Faire 2016,”

Galles, Kevin
Sr Research Specialist
Pediatrics and Medical Microbiology & Immunology

“UW Sci Exped”

Garcia Mendoza, Maria
Research Assistant/Graduate Student
Cell and Regenerative Biology/ Keely Laboratory

“Family Science Night – McFarland Family Science Night (BIOCORE), Marshal, WI Elementary School & Sci Exped”

Handlos, Zachary
Graduate Student
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Jamali, Nasim

PhD Candidate Student/Research Assistant
Cellular and Molecular Biology

“Family Science Night – McFarland Family Science Night (BIOCORE), Marshal, WI Elementary School & Sci Exped”

Kline, Kathy
Education outreach specialist
UW Aquatic Sciences Center

“Super Science Saturday at Randall Elementary Schoool, Sat Sdi, UW Sci Expedi 2014 Sci Fest”


Loewe, Laurence
Assist. Prof


Ludden, Jay
Graduate Student / Discovery Outreach Intern / STEAM Educator

Art Department / WARF / Madison Children’s Museum

McCartney, Mary Carol
Outreach Manager

Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey

Miller, Aaron
Associate Student Services Specialist


Pujara, Maia
Graduate Student

Psychiatry / Neuroscience Training Program

Rajanala, Harisha
Research Assistant

Cell and Molecular Biology Prog, Dept. of Medicine

Ram, Sri
Assistant Scientist

Systems Biology Theme, WID

Seim, Gretchen
Graduate Research Assistant

UW Nutritional Sciences

Tredinnick, Ross
Systems Programmer

Graduate School / Wisconsin Institute for Discovery / Living Environments Laboratory

Zhang, Tianqi
Graduate Student

Dept. of Chemistry, Zanni Group

Amos-Kroohs, Robyn

Nutritional Sciences

Blair, Val
Morgridge Education Manager


Morgridge Institute for Research

Cheng, Adrienne
Graduate Student

Nutritional Sciences

Didychuk, Allison
Graduate Student



Knackert, Joshua
Grad Student

Cellular & Molecular Pathology

Bratburd, Jennifer
Graduate Student