Finding Your BI Identity

If you are new to broader impact activities, then you may want to start off by identifying what is important to you. If you design your project concerning BI categories that you care about the most, then your project can possibly come easier.

File: BI-Identity-Workshop-PI-worksheet.docx

The guide and activities that follow are meant to help you develop a self-directed identity of your unique Broader Impacts niche.  We hope that by having a core focus of your Broader Impacts Identity, similar to having a core focus in your research field, will help you to develop proposals and implement Broader Impacts activities for your successful grant awards.

NABI Guiding Principles

This is the Guiding Principles document from the National Alliance for Broader Impacts for BI activities. By trying to address many of the questions listed, your BI projects can be made more sustainable and effective.

File: nabi_guiding_principles.pdf

If you do not want to preview or download the Guiding Principles document above, you open the link here.